Colum Lynch | About
Welcome to Colum Lynch Photography, specialising in fine art landscape and portrait photography.

I'm a part-time landscape and portrait photographer, originally from Donard in Co. Wicklow and now living in Newry, Co. Down with my wife, Joanne and three boys, Ethan, Charlie and Louie.

I bought my first digital SLR camera back in 2006 shortly after my first son Ethan, was born. I had been constantly frustrated by the shutter lag on my compact camera - particularly when it comes to photographing kids, fractions of a second often makes the difference between a captivating, engaging portrait and a complete dud. Moving to a DSLR meant that I could wait for that smile or glance and release the shutter instantaneously to capture the moment. The step up in picture quality from my compact camera was evident straight away and before too long I was hooked. I especially loved the shallow depth of field portraits from fast prime lenses and the "milky" effect from taking long exposures of running water.

With regard to landscape photography, being from a farming background, I've always been close to nature. I've vivid memories of the countryside I grew up in; those early mornings bringing the cows in to be milked with birdsong filling the air and the morning dew drenching the summer flowers, cutting turf on Church Mountain where the kettle was filled in a nearby spring and boiled on a turf fire, making dams on the Hell Kettle River to catch "pinkeens" in jam jars. This has left me with a great appreciation for the beauty in nature and I hope this comes through in my photography.
Not one for going down the well beaten track, I find myself steering clear of the "picture postcard" shots and, regardless of how well photographed the location is, spending some time exploring the surroundings, on the lookout for a different angle, a new perspective. This results in images which I feel better represent my personal interpretation of the beauty of a scene.

As regards portraiture, for me, truly great portraits capture the personality in front of the lens. The skill in capturing great portraits, as well as lighting and composing the subject, is in getting the subject to be themselves in front of the camera and choosing the right moment to release the shutter. I always do my best to make the subject feel at ease in front of the camera, having a bit of banter and fun as we go. I'm not a big fan of traditional, posed portraits and find that, generally, candid shots are much more expressive and evocative. While good portraits must be composed well and, apart from true candid shots, be posed to some extent or other, I aim to make my portraits feel more candid than posed, trying to capture real emotions and depth of character. After all, the best smile is a genuine one!

I work with a portable studio set up, therefore portrait shoots can either be arranged on location, at my home studio or, space permitting, at the clients home.

All landscape images exhibited on this website are available to purchase as fine art photographic prints in a range of finishes.

If you would like to arrange a studio photography session or a photo shoot on-location, or for any queries relating to pricing, prints or licensing of images please get in touch via the 'contact' page or phone me on (0) 77930 60992.

I hope you enjoy my work. Thanks for looking,